Moon Swell

Book 4


I flew across the table with inhuman speed and wrapped my hands around his thick neck. “I’m the last she-wolf on this planet. If you’re going to see me as the great hope, then you better respect me!”

For March Howe, the only surviving she-wolf, getting kidnapped comes with the territory. Like shifting in and out of her lupine form, she starts to take it in stride. But there are still plenty of things she doesn’t expect: Greyson at Glenbrook High, the author of that anonymous note, and her unique path to were-spirituality. And then of course, there are those feelings for Avery…

Nothing is like it should be—the frigids love her while her friends hate her and just when she’s getting to know Gaia, her rage is controlling her more than ever. Meanwhile, Avery and the pack are starting to over-protect her to the point of suffocation. But rebelling against them doesn’t make things easier. In fact, it sets off a chain reaction of events that lead to shocking revelations and a turning point in her journey of self-discovery. Why can’t she resist Jasper’s flirtations? And what could Avery’s mysterious past possibly have to do with her own history?

In Book Four of the Lone March Series, March Howe has to figure out who she can trust, and who’s pretending. In her evolving love triangle, she must decide who’s best for her. And when strange things reveal themselves, it’s time for her to finally come to terms with the fact that she’s different. Will these secrets earn her the trust and respect she deserves from her pack or will the last of the were-wolves go beyond protection…and lock her up once and for all?

Once again the storyline is fast-paced and March is in a perpetual state of anger, rage, and arousal. Irvin has put her own spin on the shape-shifter genre and overall the Lone March Series is an interesting look at the shape-shifting phenomenon and a fascinating read.

The Reading Cafe

Simply Superb! Five stars for Ms. Irvin, once again. I’d definitely recommend not only Moon-Swell but all of the Lone March novels. You cannot possibly find a better YA indie author than can be found in Erin Irvin and her Lone March Series. I look forward not only to the next book but Ms. Irvin’s next project. It’s sure to be as spectacular as this.