Would you be interested in author-read Lone March audio books? I’ve started recording Book One in my makeshift recording booth and I’m having so much fun! I plan to serialize them by chapter on Youtube as well as releasing them through audible and iTunes, for those unwilling to wait for weekly installments. I personally love

No beating around the bush, no lead in, I’m just going to say it! I finished the first draft of Moon-Call!!! This may not seem like much, when considering subsequent drafts that still have to be done, but I assure you the first draft is far and away the biggest hurdle I had to clear.

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So…………Moon-Wake is available for purchase. I started processing it hours ago but thought it would at least take the night to go live. Apparently not. It’s here! So that’s good news! Get it on Kindle here. Get it through Smashwords here. Couple things: 1. Still working on the print version and that may take quite