Lone March Audio Books?

Would you be interested in author-read Lone March audio books? I’ve started recording Book One in my makeshift recording booth and I’m having so much fun! I plan to serialize them by chapter on Youtube as well as releasing them through audible and iTunes, for those unwilling to wait for weekly installments. I personally love and always prefer audio books read by the authors. It’s the purest and most accurate interpretation of the text. No one knows how that character says that line better than the person who created that character and wrote that line. To me, it’s satisfying to know you’re hearing the definitive version. But maybe some people don’t care one way or the other? Or maybe some people expressly dislike author-read audio books? Whatever your opinion, I invite you to give it in the comments–I’m seriously curious to find out where Lone March readers stand on this. Also, are you unwilling to re-read a series simply because it’s available in another form? I can totally understand this. I’m not likely to purchase audio books for a series I’ve already got on my shelf in paperback form. But some people are into that. I’ve wanted to do the audio route for a long time but it’s been difficult to gather the necessary materials to make it sound professional. Now that I have access to all the gear, I dived right in yesterday and I’m already nearly halfway through recording Book One.

I understand that there are some people who don’t have time to read so they only listen to audio books in their cars or on iPods. There are also people who physically can’t read for various reasons and the audio versions would open up the world of Lone March to the visually impaired. That’s exciting to me! What are all of your thoughts on the matter?