A Well Overdue Post

Hey, friends!

I’m very sorry I haven’t been on the website in a while. As most of you may know, I had a baby over the summer. Kingsley is five months now and she’s amazing and precious and perfect. If you would like to see pictures, I’ve been fairly good about posting on Instagram. Motherhood is a very all-consuming thing, especially with little babies because you’re on this crazy 4-hour schedule and you’re constantly in this state of, “Weren’t we just doing this?” But being a mom is only partially responsible for my lack of online presence of late. I’ve had laptop woes. We shouldn’t go there. I will start raging out against the people who were supposed to fix it (and only made it much, much worse). Seriously, I can’t get into all that and no one cares anyway.

I’ve had more people lately than usual asking about Moon-Call and I’m going to answer everyone in this post, instead of in individual replies. Here’s the deal, I’ve been done with the book for a while now and I’ve been waiting on the cover. My cover artist is an Emmy Award-winning effects artist from California. He is also a friend so I’m not going to throw him under the bus. Suffice it to say, he’s been working on a high-profile film, which is taking up all his time right now. When the film is released he will be able to finish my cover. I’m so lucky and honored to have such an incredible talent doing my book covers and I simply refuse to complain about the time it takes him to complete this project. I know on your end it’s frustrating–believe me, I’ve been there with a lot of the series fiction I’ve read; I’m living it right now with Lauren Destefano’s Internment Chronicles. And if there was any way to get it out there sooner I would. I wanted it to be out early Fall. I wanted people to be reading it/have read it by Christmas. But alas, 2015 is not the year. It should be early 2016, since his work on the film wraps in December. I’m hoping for January but since it’s not up to me, I can’t promise anything. I’m truly very sorry for getting anyone’s hopes up that it would be out this Fall/Winter, and to make it up to you guys, I’m going to release the summary now and a few sneak-peeks very soon. I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and that Christmastime is in full swing for you as it is for me!

Here’s the summary for Moon-Call:

I could feel my anger building again. It bubbled and burned inside, covering my whole body. I wanted now to hurt these cats like they were hurting us. They deserved to get all of that pain back.

And I wanted to be the one to inflict it on them.

Out on a goddess-given quest she knows little about, March Howe finds her patience wearing thin. Between her lack of understanding with the mission, the inexplicable dreams she keeps having, and Saffron’s constant stream of complaints, it’s all she can do to keep going forward and not turn back. But she treks on, trying to figure out what the mission is all about and searching for the strange women from her dream.

And if the quest isn’t enough, Greyson keeps telling March to seek out Gaia for understanding and strength. But his newfound obsession with the stillness is getting on March’s nerves. And Jasper can’t help but notice the growing divide  between March and Greyson. Besides meditation, March is having trouble reconciling her hybrid power with her responsibilities to the were world, and her mother’s diary isn’t helping solve anything. But when friends join the group, pieces fall into place and they find themselves in a whole new world.

In Book Seven of the Lone March Series, March Howe steps into the role she was born to play: Savior of the Wolves. War is spreading and more than one group of enemies is after her and her friends, but it’s just the practice she needs to prepare for the final battle. Can she take on all these challenges and save a species that can no longer define her, or will the cats make sure the last of the were-wolves are truly the last?


More soon!