Finally, there is a Print Edition for Book 6, Moon-Wake!

Also, I got married!  For more on that, click here to view my post over at the other blog.

But really I just wanted to let you know that Book 6, Moon-Wake, is now available in limited Print copy.  It will soon be available on Amazon but for now you can only get it through the publisher, Createspace.  The link to purchase is here.

The price is set at $14.99.  It’s more than I’d like it to be but unfortunately, the sheer size of Book 6 made it mandatory to charge such.  Seriously, the publishers wouldn’t allow me to charge less because it costs quite a bit to print a 650 page novel.  Anyway, it’s a handsome edition, if I do say so myself, so if you already have the other 5 print copies in the series, it’s worth it to add this one to your collection.

Now, I realize that by the time I publish this post–indeed, as I am typing it now–there are some of you who are already buying a print copy of Book 6.  There is a small matter that needs to be addressed regarding formatting, so please go here and read the post about that.

That’s all for now but stay tuned for sneak-peeks and updates, to come soon!

Thanks for reading!