A Note on the Print Edition of Moon-Wake (Lone March, #6)

For those of you who have already purchased a print edition of Book 6, Moon-Wake, you may have noticed a small notation at the bottom of the copyright page.  That notation looks like this:

**A Note on this Print Edition: The subtitles of certain
chapters have been altered from the author’s original
intent to conform to the publisher’s standards. For more
information, visit www.thelonemarchseries.com

If you already have a digital edition of the book, you will notice the difference immediately upon starting Chapter One of the print copy.  The chapters that are written from March’s perspective are distinct in their triple subtitle heading style.  For example, here are the subtitles for Chapter One, as originally written:

Last Rites of a Raven
Raven’s Requiem
Saying Goodbye to Avery

I used the strikethrough on subtitles one and two as a written epanorthosis, in order to show March’s thought process as she arrived at her chosen subtitle, as if, in a way, the chapter was a diary entry.  This differentiates the March chapters from other points of view, which are written in third person.

There is no equal, adequate alternative to strikethrough, in this author’s opinion, but, alas, Createspace does not allow redacted text of any kind to appear in the body of their printed works.  I tried everything I could think of but nothing seemed to keep the integrity of the book intact, nor the quality of the text, visually speaking, up to the standards of the rest.  But, in the interest of having the thing done with, since it is almost a year overdue, I surrendered and admitted defeat; I do not currently have the power to control this issue.  Therefore, in the print edition of Book 6, the March chapters’ subtitles will appear thusly:

…Last Rites of a Raven…
…Raven’s Requiem…
Saying Goodbye to Avery

The ellipses on either side of subtitles one and two give the nearest impression I can think of that these first two subtitles are mere suggestions, while the third, being underlined, is the final choice.

Obviously, it’s not ideal but I made an executive decision, owing to the fact that, as I stated above, the print edition is already nearly a year late in being published, and knowing it is for the greater good that I do so because it will soon be time to publish a print edition of Book 7, Moon-Call, which I cannot do without a print edition of Book 6 already available.

I hope this sub-par alternative can still convey to the readers the appropriate idea and prepare their mental pallets for the distinct style of March-perspective chapters and I hope everyone can understand the change was unavoidable.  Thanks for your patience and for continuing to read my books!

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