Sneak Peek # 1

The last month has flown by over here at Camp LM!

Some of you may recall a post I did recently on my other blog about preparing for my wedding. Well, we’re in the home stretch now. The wedding is Saturday, October 4th, so less than two weeks away. Then we will be taking a 17-day trip around Europe, England, and Scotland. When we come home, life will be calm for the first time in a year. I’m excited about our big day and our honeymoon, but equally excited to finish Book 7 and share it with you guys! Miraculously, even though I’ve been so busy and stressed with wedding planning, I have still managed to tuck some time away for myself so I can keep working on the book. I am close to finishing the first draft and once we get back from our trip, things will really loosen up and I just know the rest of the story is going to pour out of me. I’m hoping to have the first draft done early next year–fingers crossed!

But in the meantime…

How ’bout a little sneak peek?

The following is all new material, much of which is mentioned or directly quoted in Book 7 (even a little bit in Book 6, for one certain scene in the attic at Wycherley). This is the table of contents for a supplemental book I’ve been working on, detailing raven powers.

Sneak Peek

Hope you enjoy it!  Stay tuned for more!


  1. Sabrina Quarantillo

    Very cool!! I love the Ravens…and def would love to know more about them! This series is simply amazing. Moon Linked was the first book I download on my Nook and I keep going back to it again and again….you know what they say ” stick with what you know and love”. I definetly Love! Congrats on your wedding and have an awesome honeymoon!!!

    • Erin Irvin

      Thanks so much for your kind words! I’m glad you like the books and can’t wait to share Book 7! It’s also good to hear from someone who enjoys the world of the ravens as much as I do:)

  2. tracey sorenson

    Loving the series have just finished book six and cannot wait for book seven congratulations on your wedding

    • Erin Irvin

      Thank you for the congratulations, Tracey! I’m so glad you like the series so far! I can’t wait to share #7 with everyone!! Stay tuned because I’ve got news and more tidbits coming soon!

  3. Sabrina Quarantillo

    OMG!! YAY!! I am dying to read thos book!! I am just waiting on a release date so I can start rereading the series!! (Again lol)

    • Erin Irvin

      Haha–I totally do that too with book series!

  4. melinda

    I just finished another series and was searching for something new when I thought about Lane March series and patiently waiting book 7. I hadn’t check in in a while so I decided to head over to fb and check on it. I’m happy to see book 7 is coming along. And i can’t wait to read ! Congrats on the wedding!

    • Erin Irvin

      Thanks, Melinda! I wish I had more to share on a more regular basis but we’re definitely in the home-stretch with this book now!

  5. Hannah

    Hi I love your books. Any news on the release date yet? X

    • Erin Irvin

      Hi, Hannah! Thanks for reading! There’s no date set yet but I hope to have it out soon, maybe before summer. Stay tuned for updates:)

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