Would you be interested in author-read Lone March audio books? I’ve started recording Book One in my makeshift recording booth and I’m having so much fun! I plan to serialize them by chapter on Youtube as well as releasing them through audible and iTunes, for those unwilling to wait for weekly installments. I personally love

Hey, friends! I’m very sorry I haven’t been on the website in a while. As most of you may know, I had a baby over the summer. Kingsley is five months now and she’s amazing and precious and perfect. If you would like to see pictures, I’ve been fairly good about posting on Instagram. Motherhood

No beating around the bush, no lead in, I’m just going to say it! I finished the first draft of Moon-Call!!! This may not seem like much, when considering subsequent drafts that still have to be done, but I assure you the first draft is far and away the biggest hurdle I had to clear.

Hey all!  Here is a scene from an early chapter in Book 7.  Hope you enjoy!   The bell on the door tinkled when she pushed her way through. As always, the scents of sage, sweet grass, lemon grass, and cedar hit her immediately. The music was heavy with pan flute and drums, and the

The last month has flown by over here at Camp LM! Some of you may recall a post I did recently on my other blog about preparing for my wedding. Well, we’re in the home stretch now. The wedding is Saturday, October 4th, so less than two weeks away. Then we will be taking a

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